The Generic Manufacturing Pack-Off Table is the perfect addition to any packaging line. Makes for easy boxing and inspection through the use of our rolling conveyor top.

Pack-Off Table

The Generic Manufacturing In-Line Pack-Off Table is designed to make the packing and boxing process smoother, simpler, and more efficient. This design takes a different approach in comparison to your standard rotary pack-off table, and places containers in a position where they are stopped, and ready to be loaded right where they are. This is often an excellent solution as a packing station, because it allows for more employees to work together during the boxing process without being too crammed. Your standard rotary pack-off table is excellent when there are one or two people doing the boxing, however it can be very crammed when more individuals are needed to complete the  job. A long linear station allows for individuals to have more elbow room to work, and also provides a lower boxing deck so that the whole process can move along more freely in motion.

Electrical:        Standard is 110 or 240 volt, single phase, 50/60 hertz construction, AC or DC Motors with variable controls, electrical control box with start/stop and speed control knobs.

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  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • AC or DC Motors Drives
  • Ridged Frame
  • Box rollers to make the packing process smoother
  • Accumulation enclosure to prevent containers from falling
  • 4.5″ standard conveyor with for simple line integration


Industry Types Served:

Beverage, Dairy, Chemical, Industrial, Consumer Products, Food, Produce, Health & Beauty Aids, Household Goods, Neutraceutical, and Pharmaceutical.